Top-Level Experts

Our Achievements in School Sector

  • Over 10 years of mutual teaching work in primary school
  • Part of Finland’s famous “School on the Move” -program from the very beginning as a piloting school.
  • Student-directed physical education classes, which are based on an Australian CDG-model (Creating And Developing Games)
  • Nationally awarded Sport Academy Model for motivated young athletes
  • Extra-curricular class for students with challenges in motor skills
  • Several solutions to increase physical activity during breaks
  • Student board which takes part in physical education decisions

Our Other Educational Achievements

  • Several years of coaching experience in team and individual sports for children and adults (eg. football, bandy, wrestling, athletics)
  • Inventor and Developer of Teddybear Wrestling (Nallepaini in finnish), wich is a method teaching
    wrestling for children between ages of 3 and 6 years old.
  • Cooperation with: Finnish Wrestlng Union, Finnish Golf Union, Jyvaskyla University’s University Sports,  MobieAcademy,
  • Active Schoolday – online training sessions (Vidya Sagar Happy Skool, India)


  • Soon to be released: Online Courses in digital learning environment (Mobie Academy).

Jesse Takala, CEO, Master of Education

jesse (@)

+358 40 744 9696

  • Vice Principal 2010-
  • Primary School Teacher 2002-
  • Teacher Trainer, Finnish Golf Association


Jon Salminen, Pedagogical Expert, Master of Sport Sciences

jon (@)

+358 400 804 041

  • Physical Education Teacher 2000-2017
  • Classroom Teacher 2003-2017
  • Head-coordinator in Moving School project for the City of Jyvaskyla 2017-2019
  • Current position: Project Manager, Capital of Sport, City of Jyvaskyla

Samuli Pentinniemi, Pedagogical Expert, Master of Sport Sciences

samuli (@)

+358 40 763 7376

  • Physical Education Teacher and Classroom Teacher 2007-
  • Head Teacher of Physical Education in the City of Jyvaskyla
  • Pedagogical Director, Nordic Health Academy
  • Teacher Trainer, Finnish Golf Association